World Ranking System


The Formula Kite Class Rankings are managed by World Sailing under the same rules as for Olympic Classes.

The Grading Criteria for Ranked Events is defined in World Sailing Regulation 27.1.

Competitors will only receive ranking points from events that fully comply with the Regulations.

The dates and grading will be confirmed by the World Sailing Secretariat which will endeavour to avoid conflicting dates and to ensure the Regulations determining how many of each grade of event may take place per contintent for each class.

The following Grades apply:

200-points - Sailing World Cup, Olympic Class World Championships, Sailing World Championships;
100-points - Olympic Class World Championships (not-compliant with 200-point criteria), Olympic Cass Continental Championships and Other Major International events using Olympic equipment;
50-points - Olympic Class Continental Championships, other International Events using Olympic equipment (not compliant with 100-point criteria).

Additional criteria:

The Sailing World Cup Final is a 200 point event (from 2015 onwards)
Competitors may count 3 Sailing World Cup 200 point events (i.e. rounds and / or final)
Tie breaks should be broken by the rank of the relevant competitor in the last published rankings
Regional Games may be included as 100 or 50 point events. The major Continental Regional Games (Pan Am, Asian, All African, European, Oceania) will be 100 pointers, if they exist and if they include sailing.
At selected elite events nationality requirements will apply.
Following a Sail Rankings Sub-committee decision at the 2015 Annual Conference, competitors may now count their two most recent World Championship regattas to their rankings points total.

Competitors will be able to count points from two further 200 points with their remaining tallies coming from 100 or 50 point regattas. No competitors points tally can exceed 1,000 points.

How does it work ?

Each competitor counts his or her best six results over the previous 12 months (except for the second World Championship result, if counted). The one year period is calculated on a rolling basis (from today's date to the same date one year previously). Of those six results, a competitor may only count three results from the Sailing World Cup.

100% of competitors at a regatta receive ranking points with first place receiving 200, 100 or 50 points depending on the grade. The competitor with the highest total from six events is listed first in the rankings and so on.

The Sailing World Rankings are issued approximately nine times a year.

How the points are calculated

Ranking Points = E(N-P+1)/N


E = Event Rank
N = Number of Entries
P = Position in regatta